Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Dulux Color Run 2014

On 1st June I've attempted my first race post-injury, the Dulux Color Run in Wembley, London. In order to prepare for my first official race outing, I've slowly increased my mileage from 3K indoors on a treadmill to 5K outdoors and took part in the local Southend parkrun. The additional swimming and cycling exercises as well as physiotherapy helped to gently build up my leg and core muscles.

Just before the start...

The race was on a sunny day at 3pm in the afternoon, which is an unusual time for running in general. As a group of six, a mix of experienced marathon runners and fun runners, we joined the crowd at the start line to wait for the official race start. The start came, and went. A queue of 11.000 runners formed to merely cross the start line and it took us over an hour to get there without water in the glaring sun.

A long queue to cross the start line
Around 4:15pm we eventually got going and made our way around Wembley stadium and its industrial suburbs. After every kilometer mark, we hit a colour point where the Color Run crew threw colour on us and we eventually on each other, starting with pink, blue, yellow and then orange. At the finish line runners were greeted with even more colour as well as live music, foot stores and some more photo opportunities.
The run overall felt okay, but far from perfect. I was not back at my game just yet, but it was a good start. 
At the finish line

Overall, the Color Run was a nice experience, but I would have expected more from it. There was an overall mood was dampened by the long wait at the start line. During the run itself, colour was only available at the designated colour points, which meant in between those points it felt like a simple afternoon run with friends around the suburbs of Wembley. The promoted picture of massive colour dust clouds were just too good to be true...

Our Color Run Team