About me

Southend Parkrun 2014
I've been a runner all my life. But, I've turned into a 'real' runner when I started training for my first 10K run in June 2012. It all started when my boyfriend Robert (a passionate football amateur who managed to run a half-marathon in about 2hrs without any prior training) challenged me to a long distance run. That same day I completed my first 3K fun run, but it felt like I had run a marathon in that short distance. I knew I had to commit to a training plan to be able to just 'make it' through. And that is just what I did.

6 weeks prior to my run I launched my 3 runs-a-week training and increased the distance steadily. I ran by myself most of the time, with just my music and my runtastic app on my iPhone to carry along with me. The night before my run I was worried and anxious. All that was important to me was to make it through alive (and not to embarrass myself and finish last!).

On 7th October 2012 I turned up amidst a bunch of professional looking runners and some more or less fun runners at Southchurch park. When the run eventually started, adrenalin took over and carried me through the first 3K, then it got harder but the sea view and nice sunshine made it all worth while. My run was far from perfect, but I made it through the finish line with a time of 01:08:46, much better than I had anticipated.

That day my attitude towards running changed. Now running for me is not a chore anymore, but a way of relaxation and releasing any tension or stress and simply to keep me fit. I run because I enjoy it.
In 2013 I finished my first half-marathon; whilst it was the worst I've ever felt physically, I was on a mental high. However, that same year in November I got injured when running MH Survival of the Fittest in London and was taken off-road for over six months. Now I'm back, running stronger and further...